# Sébastien Dubois' Public Notes Welcome! I'm [Sébastien Dubois](https://dsebastien.net/about). I'm an Author, Founder, and Knowledge Management [Coach](https://developassion.gumroad.com/l/pkm-coaching). I work on [various projects/products](https://www.dsebastien.net/projects/), [courses](https://www.dsebastien.net/courses/) and [books](https://www.dsebastien.net/books/). Check out [what I'm currently working on](https://www.dsebastien.net/now/). You've stumbled upon my Digital Garden. It contains thousands of [evergreen](https://www.dsebastien.net/continuous-note-taking/) and [atomic](https://www.dsebastien.net/the-value-of-atomic-notes/) notes. That is, notes that I will always consider *incomplete*, *imperfect*, and *messy*. I write those mainly for myself, but figured that some could also be useful to others. They're all part of my [Personal Knowledge Management system](https://www.dsebastien.net/tag/personal-knowledge-management/). If you want to learn more about my system, check out [this article](https://www.dsebastien.net/overview-of-my-personal-knowledge-management-system/). And if you're curious about Knowledge Management, Knowledge Work, Personal Organization or Productivity, then check out my [Website and newsletter](https://www.dsebastien.net/). I regularly [tweet](https://twitter.com/dSebastien), publish [articles](https://www.dsebastien.net/tag/personal-knowledge-management/), and create [videos](https://www.youtube.com/@dsebastien) about those topics. If you notice something I should fix, please [let me know](mailto:[email protected]) ❤️ ## Where to start You can start your exploration here: [[30 Areas]] ## Obsidian Starter Kit The structure of this Website matches the structure of my Obsidian vault, which is the same as what is included in the [Obsidian Starter Kit](https://developassion.gumroad.com/l/obsidian-starter-kit). It's actually a 1:1 copy of my own system. ## Changelog Check out the [[Recently added]] page to discover the notes I've published here recently. ![[Recently modified]]